Join us for the Hoopsister's Mystery Embroidery Quilt.   Class, kit
and fun here at The Sewing Basket!  Be sure to list us as your favorite "Local Sewing Shop".  

Hoopsisters Mystery quilt

Embroidery Video Tip: Using Wonder tape when embroidering

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Hoop Sisters Mystery Quilt Tips and Techniques Class

Come learn the in's and out's of this mystery quilt.

Procrastinators Unite (Pro-U)! Open Sew

What you put off today, still needs to be done! Join this like minded group and get some extra encouragement to start or finish your "to do" list. This open sew is a great time to get a jump on your unfinished projects. Sign up NOW . . . . do it . . .really . . . we mean now!

Jul 6
Featherweight Club 2.0
Jul 7
Modern Quilt Group Meeting
Jul 11
Procrastinators Unite (Pro-U)! Open Sew

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