Make hooping easier by using double stick tape!

Remember, even when you clean your bobbin case, your machine needs to be cleaned
by a service tech to keep it running smoothly! 

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Do you know about the Wyse Guys?  
Wyse Guys classesThe staff here at The Sewing Basket are the Wyse Guys. . . . Not just because we can be wiseguys sometimes.  But, also because we all have a "Y" in our names!  Sheryl, Elayne, Kerry, Brittany, Cathy, Kay, and our newest addition . . . Debbie Lynn.  She goes by Deb, but we guess that's OK!  Oh and don't forget Danny, the biggest wiseguy of all.  The only exception is Sue our bookkeeper.  She has no "Y".  She's too sweet to be a wiseguy!

Watch for the Wyse Guys Logo on a new series of Mystery Classes that will be taught by one of the Wyse Guys.  We pick the topic, you come to learn and be inspired.  And, yes we did say Mystery Class.  (As we said, sometimes we're wiseguys.)  We're not telling you the subject, but you'll be sure to come away from class with new or improved skills.